The Relationship Between Advertising & Sales Performance

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The Relationship Between Advertising & Sales Performance

The relationship between the two functions are very close knit and rely entirely on one another. Advertising brings in the consumer for the sales department to reassure the potential customer and help create the purchase. Without the the advertising, most sales would never exist or at least there wouldn't be as many. 


Small-business owners want to measure the impact of advertising on sales performance. Knowing which ads drive sales helps owners focus their advertising budgets on promotions that bring the greatest return on investment. Successful advertisers use several ways to track the relationship between advertising and sales performance. Survey Customers

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to find out what role advertising played in a purchasing decision is to ask the customer who made the purchase. Train retail clerks to ask customers why they visited the store and whether they remember seeing an advertisement for the product. For an online store, update the checkout process so that it includes a question about how customers heard about the website. To get more detailed information, ask customers to complete an advertising survey or print an online survey address at the bottom of every sales receipt; send online buyers a survey link by email. Track Promotions

Advertisers may also use promotions that contain a unique identifier to help business owners compare the effectiveness of two or more ads. The advertiser places a print ad that contains a coupon with a specific discount code in one publication and a different discount code in another. By tracking the codes as customers redeem their coupons, the advertiser can determine which advertisement generated the most sales. Business owners obtain similar results by including different telephone numbers in different ads and measuring the number of calls customers make to each number. Advertisers track online traffic by advertising...
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