The Role of Cse for the Developement of Capital Market in Bangladesh

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Internship Report
Overview of Chittagong Stock Exchange Limited

Part- ONE

At the very beginning, I would like to convey my gratitude to almighty Allah, all praise be to Him, who has enabled me to complete the Internship Program and to prepare the Internship report. The Internship Program as a part of the academic requirement of the MBA (program) has been designed to acquire practical knowledge. It is expected that the integrated knowledge of theories and practices will make us competent and efficient through the Internship Program. I have got the chance to acquire some experience, which is expected to enlighten my career. It’s really a great opportunity to have chance to conduct internship program in the Chittagong Stock Exchange Ltd., 1080 SK Mujib Road, Agrabad, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Here I have tried my level best to be acquainted with the activities and roles of the Chittagong Stock Exchange Ltd. It gives me enormous pleasure for having the opportunity to conduct and prepare the report.

This program was conducted from July to September, 2008, after finishing my M.B.A (finance) education in the University of Chittagong. During the Internship program,

A complete automation project of Chittagong Stock Exchange is on full swing. Considering the important the role of Chittagong Stock is development of capital market of Bangladesh, an attempt has been made in this terms paper to study the Trading System in particular activities of CSE in general.


I am grateful and I’d like to access my gratitude to my honorable teacher Professor, Dr. Moazzam Husain, Department of Management Studies for his massive support, supervision, guidance and cooperation. I would not complete this study successfully without his responsible guidance, instruction and advice.

Special thanks to Md. Khaled Hamidi (Co-ordinator) & Mr. Jabed sarwar for their cordial support and coordination to accomplish this report. I would like thanks officials of CSE namely Mr. Md. Atiquzzaman, Ms. Sonia Hossain, Md. Mr. Arif Ahmad, Mr. Md. Mortuza Alam, & Mr. Md. Aujmul hasan, for their cordial cooperation and wonderful presentation.

I would like to thanks my friends to cooperate me during the program and presentation of the report. My thanks also go to the composers of various articles & papers that we gone through. I am grateful to all of them.


This report is comprises with the overall performance of the Chittagong Stock Exchange and its trading system. It is also included with the CSE’s administrative body, its functional department and its trading system. CSE is playing the leading role for the betterment of the capital market is this country. And it is also playing the leading role in the process of modernization of the capital market so as the match with the demand of globalization. This paper briefly presented the performance evaluation of CSE, while preparing this report; it is found that there are two schools of thought in regard to the performance of CSE, which performing satisfactorily for the protection of the interest of investors. It is expected that the capital market will gain more transparence and will be able to attract the investors through its increased efficiencies and favorable atmosphere with the supporting activities of CSE in the course of time.

OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY The major objective of this study is to evaluate the performance and contribution of CSE on capital market of Bangladesh. The objectives of my study are stated as follows:

a) To know the Existing structure review
b) Manning Scenario i.e. present HR inventory
c) Levels in the Management of CSE
d) Authority Relationship & Reporting Practices...

References: 9. Share Bajar, - Monthly Magazine on Share Market, Published on February, 2009..
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