The Truth About Automobile Advertising

Topics: Automobile, Advertising, Truck Pages: 3 (1218 words) Published: November 14, 2011
The Truth about Automobile Advertising
In the three advertisements, each has similar qualities; including images, headlines, and information about the cars but they do have one thing in common: to try and draw the audience in buying the car. Advertising cars can have a great impact on the general public, because of the visual and emotional aspects of the ads; however the intended aspects are not always well-intended and can have misleading perspectives. The 2012 Mercedes-Benz M-Class (ML 350) is a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) which looks really attractive with the chrome wheels, the chrome grille, and the sporty looking headlights. It also includes a Quick Mark on the left side of the ad that looks like a barcode. This could give the people with android phones, the flexibility to scan the quick mark and look up the information online without having to go into the dealership. This can be a positive plus for people who have busy lives. The ad has a headline that says, “Protector of the young and innocent.” This headline is sure to try and attract families because the young and the innocent imply our children. The wording underneath implies that it’s possible that the M-Class is the advanced SUV in the world which will have an emotional effect on the audience because the people want the best, especially if they have children. In the people’s mind, they want a car that can protect them and the children. This ad provides that comforting feeling with wordings like, “check blind spots, scan the road for trouble ahead, and alert you if it detects that you are drowsy.” It will make people think that the car is a “smart car” that it can do anything and would want it just based on the wordings. However, the ad can be misleading according to “Unfinished Words” by William Lutz. In the first few wordings, it says, “Unfinished words are a kind of “up to” claim in advertising.” (405) and “Unfinished words depend on you to finish them to provide the words the...
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