The University of Lethbridge

Topics: Investment, Corporate finance, Net present value Pages: 11 (2667 words) Published: July 1, 2013
The University of Lethbridge
Calgary Campus
Faculty of Management

Management 4430Y
Financial Management
Spring 2011

A.P. Palasvirta
Office: Markin 4132, Lethbridge
Phone: (403) 332-4582

Goal of Course

Management 4430 is the capstone course in finance and will incorporate concepts you have learned in through your study of corporate, investments, and international. We will utilize the case methodology to focus our analysis. Cases describe a context in which a particular problem is found. Regardless of the particular characteristics of the problem, problem solving follows a general methodology: identification of the problem, describing the context of the problem, analysis of potential alternative solutions, the identification of the best solution, implementation of the best solution , and the creation of controls and contingency plans, if applicable.

Text and Other Sources:

E-book based on Case Studies in Finance, 6th ed., 2010, McGraw Hill, Toronto, ISBN


Management 3412, Fundamentals of Investments

Investments, Analysis & Management, 2nd Canadian Ed., 2005, Cleary & Jones, John Wiley & Sons Canada Ltd., MississaugaISBN 0-470-83542-7

Management 3460, Corporate Finance

Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, 6th Canadian Ed., 2007, Ross, Westerfield, Jordan, & Roberts, McGraw-Hill Ryerson, TorontoISBN 13: 978-0-07-095910-1

A list of topics for which you should have working knowledge follows:

1. Time value of money 2. Market Efficiency
3. Valuation, risk, and return 4. Capital budgeting
5. Cost of capital 6. Pro-forma financial statements
7. Capital structure 8. Dividend policy
9. Portfolio theory10. Foreign exchange

This course is designed not only to deepen your knowledge of concepts already covered in other courses, but also to broaden the application of these concepts. I sincerely hope that you have kept the books that you used in previous finance courses. It is certain that you will need to refresh your understanding of many of the concepts listed above by revisiting these books from time to time.

Administration of the Course

The grading in the course will be proportioned as follows:

Three spreadsheet assignments:25%

There are two required spreadsheet assignments and two that can be chosen from four cases. Spreadsheets must be printed and fit on one sheet (neatness and ease of reading are important). These assignments are to be handed in before class and will be used to ask questions of the author with respect to how they got some of their numbers. You can complete all the spreadsheets if you wish and the best four will be chosen to count toward your grade.

Four quizzes:25%

Thirteen cases are marked as written analysis. The analysis must be between 250 and 300 words (one page, either double-spaced or 1.5 spacing); please print word count on the paper. You must complete ten analyses or you can choose to do all and the best ten will be counted toward you grade.

In-class participation20%

Participation is important to the process of understanding. Participation means that each individual takes an active role in the discussion or the case materials. Learning is a process of inquiry. In order to have an orderly process of inquiry, each student must be prepared prior to class. The discussion questions related to that class highlight the important concepts that are to be discussed. In order to be prepared, you must read the case and/or supporting material; think about it in the context of an analytical framework. You will put together your own analytical framework for the purpose of solving problems. The framework that I find best suited to achieve a solution to a problem may not be the framework that you will find best suited to your needs, although there will be components in common. How much you learn will be a...
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