The unknown essay

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The Unknown can take the form of anyone, anytime, or anyplace, that feeling you get that makes you uncertain about your future, is fear. Fear can be disguised as many other emotions such as anxiety or anxiousness. “Butterflies” do not exist; they are really the fear of not knowing how the immediate upcoming events will turn out or affect you and everyone close to you.

There is no such thing as thinking you know something, there is simply knowing and not knowing, therefore resulting in the fear of the Unknown.

The Unknown can never cease to exist; it is always there in the back of your mind, watching, learning, waiting for the perfect time to manifest into a new more drastic phobia making you ask yourself questions like: “what will happen next?”, or how will I die?”

To explain the Unknown in the simplest way for me possible, imagine yourself staring into a hole in the earth that you are unsure how you know, but know that it is miles deep. No matter how hard you strain your eyes, you will never truly understand what could lurking inside, what is at the bottom, IF there is a bottom or what could be staring you right in the face on the other side of the thick veil of darkness.

You could, jump in whether the act would be out of curiosity or greed and desire to posses the ultimate knowledge does not matter, but just like jumping into a hole that is miles deep, attempting to divulge thyself in the Unknown would quickly result in your ultimate and undeniable, death. Although you would see your upcoming doom and be revealed to all that is Unknown the instant before you perish, you would not be able to change your past actions if you wanted to, for your actions were most likely rash ones for that is the price you must pay to know…the Unknown.
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