Theories of communication

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Theories of communication Argyles theory of communication is a cycle of six concepts, which repeats its self through every conversation, emailing, phone call, and text, through all the ways we communicate. The 6 following steps are:

An idea occurs-A thought goes through your head. Example: A midwife thinking to tell a student midwife to go and do the observations on the patient that has just come in Message coded- turning your thoughts and feelings in to communication thinking about Your body posture, tone of voice, body language, gestures, pictures, writing and posture. Example- the midwife now needs to think how to say to the student midwife she needs to do the observations and how she is going to come across, like her tone of voice, her facial expressions, body language , does she need to write it and her posture. Message sent- have communicated what you want to say. Example- The midwife has now told the student midwife to go and do observations on the lady that has come in, the way she wanted to come across. Message received- is when the person or audience has received what the sender had tried to communicate. Example- The student midwife has received what the midwife has communicated. Message decoded- now they have to take what has been said and try to decode it so they understand what they have communicated. Example- the student midwife is now trying to understand and decode what the midwife has said about doing observations on the patient that has just come in. Message understood- the audience or the person targeted at has understood what has been communicated. Example- the student midwife has understood that she needs to go and do the observations on the patient that has just come in. This works with a response as well for example:

Idea occurs- thinking of a response- example: the student midwife is thinking of a response to say to the midwife. Message coded- thinking how you are going to communicate your response- Example-student midwife thinks...
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