Vietnam Nissan Leaf Advertising Plan

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The main Vietnam target audience for the Nissan Leaf is women, aged 40-60, with high incomes exceeding 1500 dollars per month These customers not only love gentle and silent cars, they are also worried about car pollution and prefer environmentally friendly products. They are the main influencers in their families to decide the suitable cars for their families. According to business monitor international (2012), recently, rapid growth of the Vietnam economy has increased Vietnamese’s incomes. For a country of approximately 90 million people, premium car segments are growing and a low level of vehicle ownership, Vietnam is a potential market to increase the sale growth (BMI, 2012). However, according to 24h (2012), the demand for electric cars in Vietnam is small because Vietnam's infrastructure and charging stations for electric cars are not available.

Within three month, the existence of the Nissan Leaf will be communicated to 500,000 Vietnamese buyers who want to buy foreign cars. Haft of this “aware” group will be informed that the Nissan Leaf is an economic car with many designing, safety devices, and environmentally friendly characteristics; that it is a brand new electric car with excellent service, quality, and value; and Nissan dealers are only providers in Vietnam. In addition, Nissan Leaf has to convince haft of the “informed” people that it is an excellent-quality car, dependable, economic, and comfortable to drive. Desire needs to be stimulated within haft of the “convinced” customers for a test drive. Finally, half of the “desire” group will be motivated to see a retailer for a test drive.

Product concept: The Nissan Leaf is a medium-size electric hatchback with five doors and five passengers (David, 2011). The Leaf has a range of around 90 miles on a single charge (Conor, 2012). It goes from 0-60 mph in 10 seconds (David, 2011). Its compact lithium-ion batteries can be charged at home with a 220V outlet and this can take approximately eight hours (nissan-zeroemission, 2012). Entertainment and information can be supported by using a global data system (nissan-zeroemission, 2012). Even if the Leaf is shut down, the owner can use mobile phones to switch on air-condition or control charging functions (nissan-zeroemission, 2012). Target audience: The campaign would concentrate on consumers aware of car’s problems which involve the pollution, fuel prices, and depletion of resources. Successful woman love gentle and silent products and they want to do something about the problems related to driving today. The owners should have large garage spaces when their cars need to charge. They also should be patient women because they have to wait eight hours from empty to full charge. These consumers also should be educated to at least bachelor level. The suitable condition should be aged 40-60, with high incomes exceeding 1500 dollars per month. The people in this audience usually have family with two or three children. Communication media: An assorted-media campaign of print advertisements in customer and high-class auto magazines and a cable television spot that could be broadcasted in every city in Vietnam where the Nissan Leaf is welcome. In addition, an online interactive Web site would be created and provided. Advertising message: The message strategy aims to describe the Nissan Leaf as an ideal car - an economic, innovational, and smart vehicle that provides excellent service, quality, and value. The print ad will express the Nissan Leaf in a clear, modern way, and the television advertising will concentrate on the hatchback’s innovative, advanced design and performance. In addition, gender neutral would be the tone and style of the ads and commercials. The print advertisement will use an affective message with an emotional appeal and dramatization framework. The advertisement will show a successful and beautiful woman...

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