Vietnam Stock Exchange

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Historical development of Vietnam Stock Exchange
The Stock Trading Center of Vietnam (‘STC’), located in Ho Chi Minh City , was officially inaugurated on July 20, 2000, and trading commenced on July 28, 2000. Initially, two equity issues were listed, Refrigeration Electrical Engineering Joint Stock Corporation (‘REE’) and Saigon Cable and Telecommunication Material Joint Stock Company (‘SACOM’). As of this date, an additional of 20 issues is also listed with a current market capitalization of US$239m. The Stock Trading Center of Vietnam is also the official mechanism through which new government bonds are issued, and it functions as the secondary market for a number of existing bond issues. As of this date there are 120 listed bonds with a total market capitalization of US$866m. All securities traded on the Stock Trading Center of Vietnam are denominated in Vietnamese Dong. Par valued is standardized at VND10,000 for equities and VND100,000 for bonds. The State Securities Commission (‘SSC’), a body established formally in 1996, is responsible for capital markets development, licensing of participants, and the issue and enforcement of regulations. A wide range of regulations, with significant input from multilateral bodies such as the International Finance Corporation, have been promulgated, including those dealing with such issues as insider trading, take-over trigger points and margin lending

Settlement is centralized through the Stock Trading Center of Vietnam using the Bank of Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV), a state-owned commercial bank. Several other domestic banks and securities companies have been authorized to accept custody of securities, with HSBC’s and Deutsche bank’s Ho Chi Minh City branches and five branches of other well- known foreign bank as HSBC, Citigroup, Destche Bank, Stankard Chartered Bank… providing custody services for foreign investors. Custody is based on a central depository, central registry book entry system....
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