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Financial Management Report

Tutor: Ms Lê Thanh Bình
Group 3 – tut 2 TR12
Member: Phan Thanh Huyền
Lê Thị Việt Anh
Vũ Thùy Linh
Đặng Ngọc Thúy
Vũ Anh Trang
Lê Thị Phương Thảo

May 5th, 2014

I. Introduction1
II. Information dissemination procedures1
II.1. Definition1
II.2. General provisions2
II.3. Vehicles and disclosure forms2
II.4. Types of disclosure of information3
II.5. Insider trading5
III. Settlement procedures6
III.1. Definition 6
III.2. Nature of settlement6
III.3. Laws and regulations7
III.4. Settlement process7
III.5. Settlement date8
III.6. Settlement risks and solutions9
IV. Conclusion11
V. References12

I. Introduction
Stock market is one of the most lucrative markets in the economy. The market not only allows a person the chance to become an ownership of a company but it also provides a way for business to gain capital while avoiding a commercial loan and a country the opportunity to have foreign money invested. Therefore, it is especially crucial for the countries that follow market mechanism as well as the developing countries that are in need of long term investment for national economy. In Vietnam, stock market has just been operational in recent years and achieved initial success. With the good starting point, more and more people are attracted for investing in Vietnam stock market. Understanding this demand, this report is made to clarify the partial of these procedures: Information dissemination and settlement procedure. Information dissemination procedure is about the steps through which information can be transferred from companies who have stocks to investors who want to buy stocks. Meanwhile, settlement procedures give investors information about the steps to pay money after a transaction as well as the settlement day is also included. With regard to the promising future, we hope that this report would be helpful for all people with the intension of entering the stock market.

II. Information dissemination procedures
2.1. Definition
Information dissemination procedure is about the steps through which information can be transferred from companies who have stocks to investors who want to buy stocks. First, the information is synthesized and disclosed by representatives (companies, organizations or agencies) who are given the authorization to release information. Then, the representatives must submit it to the State Securities Center SSC and the Stock Exchange SE to check again. The information will not be published unless it meets all the law and regulations and requirements. Finally, the information will be transferred to public or investors through mandatory methods and forms

2.2. General provisions
Disclosure Objects
Subjects disclosure include public companies, issuers (except issuing bonds guaranteed by the government), securities companies, fund management companies, securities exchanges (SE), the Securities Depository Center (SDC) and the people involved. Requirement to make disclosure

Complete, accurate and prompt
Made by the legal representative of the company or by a person authorised to disclose information Made at the same time as a report is sent to the State Securities Commission (SSC) and the SE. Disclosure date is the date the information appears

Language : Vietnamese
In accordance with the law

2.3. Vehicles and disclosure forms
1. Disclosure of information must be conducted using any of the following means: 1.1. Annual Report, page electronic information (Website) and other publications of organizations subject to information disclosure; 1.2. The information disclosure media of the SSC include: receiving system to report and disclose information, electronic portals and other publications of the SSC;...

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