Viral Advertising

Topics: Viral marketing, Advertising, Viral video Pages: 3 (1141 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Viral Advertising
So you think amalayer? This line has been viral for quite some time on the internet and easily spread on Filipino people. A controversial amateur video of an irate train commuter yelling at a lady guard over the passenger’s failure to follow security procedures has gone viral on social networking sites.Viral is something that becomes very popular by circulating quickly from person to person, especially through the internet. Common viral videos of silly people doing humorous content.And advertising comes when it became its strategy to ride with a current viral video and hopes to become viral too. There are some campaigns that aimitself to be viral. Viral advertising has attracted advertisers in recent years, yet little is known about how exactly it works from an information processing perspective. This study extends knowledge by exploring how the emotional tone (pleasant, unpleasant, coactive) of viral video ads affects attitude toward the ad, attitude toward the brand, and forwarding intentions. Results indicate that pleasant emotional tone elicits the strongest attitude toward the ad, attitude toward the brand, and intention to forward. The effects were weaker for coactive tone and weakest for negative emotional tone. These results challenge the common approach of shocking or scaring online users to motivate them to forward a viral video. But how does viral advertising works? Viral Marketing or advertising is a process in marketing that can easily spread an idea through disseminating content that commonly targets emotions. Everything that is viral has to start with something, and so it begins with content. And content comes in various forms like videos, message, images and a text-based content. And with these content people are inspired and encouraged to take action. From your content you will have your audience and they will find it compelling then they will take action to it by sharing and so it will attract more visitors and they will...
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