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Wall Street by Oliver Stone gives you a great perspective on real life situations that can be occurring in the world around us. Bud, a new-comer to the stock market world, was eager to get himself out there and be a successful stockbroker. Bud became engaged with Gordon Gekko, a successful shareholder and business man. Gordon took advantage of the resources and insider information Bud had with the airline company his father worked at, leading to insider trading. This became an issue because Bud believed he could trust Gordon that he would not sell off the airline company to make more money, but indeed Gordon did betraying Bud. To Bud, this was something unexpected, personal and he was completely blind-sided by the situation, but to Gordon it was just a business deal. The movie really gives you an angle on real life situations that could potentially end devastatingly. In Wall Street, there are two quotes that fit my view on the Stock Market and one that does not.

The quote “Stop going for the easy buck and start producing something with your life. Create, instead of living off the buying and selling of others.” spoken by Carl Fox reveals an important aspect of the Stock Market. Carl Fox said this to his son, Bud, when they were talking in the bar. Bud had been complaining of his current standing with Gordon Gekko and how he wished that he would have just listened to him. His father said this to him because he didn’t wanted him to get a real job, with a set salary that wouldn’t fluctuate. His father knew how much of a risk it was for Bud to stay involved in the Stock Market and not get a constant salary job. Carl did not believe that choosing stocks was much of a job at all, nothing more than picking at which companies you believe will do well in the near future or that are currently doing well, but it is much more than that. You have to keep updated on all news relate issues to an aspect of the company at all times. You have to be an effective...
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