Western Union

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Company’s Background
Western Union was once a best-known U.S. company in the business of exchanging telegram in late 19th century. Western Union, as an industrialized monopoly, dominated the telegraph industry, which was the first communication business that available at the time being. Western Union telegram are transmitted through a store and forward massage switching system, it has became the prime contractor in the AUTODIN, the military application for communication in the 19th century. But Western Union has stopped their telegram service in the year of 2006, due to the less important of telegram and competition from other communication service such as email.

Western Union is now not only a communications company but also a financial service provider based in the United States. Western Union connects peoples in all around the world and provides them a fast and reliable way to transfer money from time to time. Their goal is to make the customers’ lives a little bit better and fulfill their needs by providing a variety of products and services. The services Western Union had provided includes send and receive money, bill payments, business solution, prepaid, phone and gift cards and money orders. Send and receive money:

Western Union provides many countries options to send money, such as send via online or mobile phone by credit or debit card. While for receiving money, they offer customers options depends on the receiver’s location, this includes home, bank account, prepaid card or a a wallet account tied to a mobile phone. When it comes to money transfer, it can be done in several ways, it can be done in person, online, by phone or by mobile phone. Bill payment service:

The bill payment service is a reliable and convenient service resources that allow the customers to make thousands of payments including auto finance, utility, mortgage and insurance companies, and government entity. They offer both cash and electronic payment method, and it can be...
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