What Are the Advantages of Print Advertising in India

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What are the advantages of print advertising? How does it apply to your country?

Print advertising is a different from televisions and other motion, sound etc. form of advertising. Print media is a form of advertising that conveys one message topic at a time with a solitary thought or idea. Examples of print advertising are done through magazines or newspapers. Print advertising has many benefits that are used for strategic purposes. In general the advantages of print advertising are the following:- •Provides more and detailed information. For example, people who cannot afford a TV or no time rely on newspapers for accurate news and therefore advertisements can easily reach to these audiences. •The availability of the message is unlimited in terms of time. •Guaranteed that the information is unlikely to change.

•Easy to reach to a specified target audience. For example, basketball shoes advertised in a sports magazine to reach to the "athletic" audience. •Easy to reach to a mass audience. For example, a product that has just been introduced into the market looking to set a foundation in the market. In India, newly opened IB curriculum Ganga International School has advertised to reach the mass audience in India mainly through newspapers and magazines like Today. They have also advertised their school through state magazines which reaches out to local cultures and expresses the benefits in the local common language. The messages created are delivered with clarity. •Print form of advertising also is an ideal medium to carry any add-on elements like coupons, samples, contact information etc. For example a cologne advertisement in magazines usually attached to a sample paper with its smell on it. Another example, in India food menus are attached to newspapers sold in stands next to offices where office goers can order their daily meal.

Like I mentioned above, there are many different mediums of print advertising and each carry their own advantages: -

Newspapers: - In general let us look at the obvious advantages of newspapers. They allow you to reach to a huge number of people in a given geographic area, flexibility in choosing the ad size and the placement of the ad in the newspaper, it can be as large as you need it to be and communicate as much information as you need to convey, readers can go back to your ad again and again meaning the exposure of the ad is not limited like TV commercials for example, your firm can take quick turns in adapting to the market changes and conditions as it takes just one to two days to run another ad and such. Newspapers as we know are very cheap to purchase and but can create similar impacts to that of other print media, delivering the message and becoming successful.

-Cover many geographic regions from international, to within the country or even distributed only locally. This means that its range of market coverage is vast and can be used to introduce a new product for low costs. For example, the advantage of the Times of India, an English newspaper distributed nation wide, was the best medium used by Honda when it introduced its new Eliminator bike, to reach out to all parts of India. It delivered the message clearly by stating that you can pick up your Eliminator at the nearest Honda showroom. In addition, Honda could also have used the advantages of local newspapers as they are cheaper and their target audience is more segmented. They could advertise locally and create a closer relationship with the culture, by communicating in the language they speak etc. When distributing locally means cutting down the target audience to a certain culture. For example, Vintner Wine which is produced and distributed only locally in the state of Meghalaya advertises its product on local newspapers. These newspapers reach out to the local market where the brand is available for its customers. Instead of advertising through a nation wide newspaper does not make...
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