What Is Restroom Advertising?

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What is Restroom Advertising? Known by various names; Indoor Advertising, Restroom Advertising, etc. Restroom Advertising has become one of the most popular ad mediums. In its simplest form, it is signage that is placed in the restrooms of popular business locations that generate high traffic, such as restaurants, bars and health clubs.

Restroom Advertising allows companies to target a gender with undivided attention and 100% accuracy. Your ads will be stared at night and day by thousands of adults in receptive moods. People visiting the restroom are a captive audience, spending several minutes in front of your ad. During that time, they are receptive to reading and thus they read your ad.

To Advertise, Call 1-888-296-6447 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-888-296-6447 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or Email aimstrait@yahoo.com.

Restroom Advertising is Better
Newspapers:Your ad will get lost in a river of ads, and if your ad is seen how can they remember it? With Aim Strait the ads are right there in front of you without a million other ads to distract you. You target audience will see this ad over and over. Repetitiveness is what will make them remember your ads.

Magazines: You pay for a month but who looks at a magazine for a month? With Aim Strait your ads stay there for the whole time. You can’t change or turn it off. It will be seen by all.

Radio: Think how long you are really in the car listening to the radio? Not very long. With Aim Strait your target audience will see your ad for an average of 2 minutes.

TV: Not very cost effective, and who likes commercials? Commercials are when everyone goes to the restrooms. With Aim Strait they will be going to see your ads!
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