Whole Foods Value Chain

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Team O
Financial Performance
Analysis of the financial performance Team O through periods 0-4, highlights the company performance scorecard, market share, brand contribution, the overall performance of the brand and the brands position in the BCG matrix. The two brands are SOLD and SONO and at the end of period 0, SOLD has 11.9% market share and SONO has 5.6%, SOLD has the largest market share In High Earners at 29.9% and Pros at 19.5%. SONO’s highest market share is in Buffs at 16.2% and has 42.4% in specialty stores, 39.0% in department stores and 25.2% in mass merchandisers. SONO was 42.5% in specialty stores, 38.1% in department stores and 24.1% in mass merchandisers. Period O the market capitalization was 276,287 with a net contribution of 13,644. In period 1, SOLD has slightly decreased to 11.8% while SONO’s overall market share grew to 6.5%. SOLD’s High Earners decreased to 27.6% while Pros increased to 21.6%. SONO significantly increased in Buffs to 25.6% as the goal for SONO is to become a cash cow in Buffs and withdraw from other markets. SOLD is focusing on High Earners and Pros to steadily increase market share while the market capitalization increases to 322,185. The net contribution for period 1 totaled 21,089 and the stock index rose to 1,166. The distribution coverage in period 1 was more wide spread as each brand had an overall mean of 34.6%. In period 1, what was most successful for Team O was SONO and the increase in Buffs market share percentage. Period 2

The overall market share for Team O decreased to 11.4% and 6.3% for SOLD and SONO. However, team O captured the highest overall market share at 21.3% over competitors. In SOLDs most important markets of High Earners and Pros there was a decrease to 23% and an increase to 24%. SOLD also has an increase in Buffs at 8% which the brand SONO continues to increase market share to 31% and remain non-existent in the other markets. The market capitalization rose to 363,906...
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