Women's Role in Advertising

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Women's Role In Advertising

While examining today's economic system, two processes which always go together can be noticed: marketing and advertisement. Advertising and marketing are too old talk about their definite starting points, but their turning points, what really matters to understand its position in today’s world, can be detected (Presbrey, 1929). The industrial revolution altered this marketing system completely, and after the invention of the television, intense promotions kept this system alive. But keeping it alive wasn't the only issue, also its hunger needed to be fed. So, advertisers sought different ways to maintain the vast profit, by addressing (or by looking like they were addressing) a certain group of people's needs. In order to achieve all these, one of the capitalist system’s actions was to portray women as sexy, thin and flawless, using various techniques to keep the income in huge amounts, while creating certain problems.

This portrayal as sexy, thin and flawless, put up some boundaries that are enclosing women, while taking its power from women's weaknesses and anxieties. Teenage girls become the main target, considering their lack of experience. They are in the initial states of understanding their own values and positions, and establish their own personalities (Kilbourne, 2010). It's clear that, at this stage, they are so open to pressures which are put by public, family and friends; and now media. Above public, friends and family; media is the one which always offers solutions. Advertisers always claim that, using their products, these girls can always solve their problems, even if they don't have any! That is the quality what keeps the customers attached. Even if a girl's appearance has nothing wrong with it, there always has to be a problem, that girl should be flawlessly beautiful. So girls’ own selves become negligible, and advertisements push them to get rid of their own selves and embrace a false self, in order to...

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