Women Depicted in Advertising

Topics: Advertising, Gender, Woman Pages: 3 (878 words) Published: March 6, 2013
How Women are Depicted in Advertising

When you look through a magazine, you can’t help but notice all the beautiful women and men in all the ads. Everything about them is completely flawless and they have that “perfect” body shape. You see a magazine where in some; they are wearing cloths, while others are almost completely naked. These kinds of ads are placed in magazines to get you attention and influence you to buy the product that the ad is promoting.

It seems to me that all advertising depicts women in the same ways, tall, thin, sexy, and flawless. But is this actually true? Do all advertisements really objectify women? Is there a difference between ads placed in women’s magazines and ads in men’s magazines? To answer this question, I have looked in ads placed in Maxim and Cosmo 2012 edition. These two magazines are both marketed to a specific gender. When I look at all of these ads, I notice that there are some ads that stand out to which they belong in a men’s magazine or women’s magazine. If you look yourself, you can see there are many that are hard to place.

In all of the ads, the women are incredibly beautiful. They are flawless and an example of what society says is the “perfect” women. The only thing wrong with these women is that they are not real. Their pictures have been completely edited from airbrushing their faces to changing their bodies. Keep that in mind. All of these women have more than their pretty faces to look at. It is much more than that. It is how they’re posed and what expression is on their face. Just because these models are not posing naked does not mean they are sending a good message about the female body to the readers.

As I was looking at the Band-Aid ad from the Cosmo magazine, I noticed that many people might not find anything wrong with the ad. The woman is fully clothed, she does not have a seductive look on her face, and she is not posing in any sexual way. It sounds perfectly fine, right? But in fact,...
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