Women in Advertising

Topics: Physical attractiveness, Advertising, Marketing Pages: 4 (1252 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Women in Advertising
Irwin Allen Ginsberg; an American poet once said, “Whoever controls the media, the images, controls the culture.” The media constantly expresses images of the ideal female body. All women have their own individual set of attributes and characteristics, however, the media continuously tries to spread what they feel is the universal standard of what a woman should look like. One might argue, that the images put out by the media strongly affect our generation and the way in which we perceive ourselves. Ginsberg’s statement reminded me of a television advertisement produced by Carl’s Jr. This advertisement featured swimsuit model Kate Upton eating a burger in the backseat of an old school looking car. The advertisement was exceedingly sexually suggestive and showed a substantial amount of unsuitable sex appeal. Carl’s Jr. has acquired quite the reputation of producing these overtly sexual advertisements. Advertisements such as this are damaging today’s generation’s mental and physical state of being. In America, we are surrounded by a society that is primarily consumed by sex. With that being said, there are thousands of companies that produce risky advertisements to compete for the attention of viewers such as Carl’s Jr. With regards to the Kate Upton advertisement, the first thing that caught my eye upon viewing this ad is Upton wearing lace under garments scantily covered by a short polka dot dress. The revealing dress shows off her legs and hangs loosely off her shoulder ultimately exposing her bra and cleavage. The range of positions she lies in throughout the ad goes from innocent to offensive. Upton begins removing the South West Patty Melt from its wrapping and starts to slowly consume the burger in her car. After taking the first taste, Upton starts her high-speed strip tease. For the remaining thirty seconds, the camera moves up and down the parts of her body that are revealed by her dress. She unexpectedly begins sweating all over...

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