Women in Advertising

Topics: Advertising, Mass media, Sex in advertising Pages: 4 (1396 words) Published: September 8, 2009
Ellie Gittings
Ripon Grammar School
GCSE 2010 Media

Why are women and womanhood such a universal theme in advertising?

Women have a huge hold in the media with a large number of adverts being based around women , after browsing many adverts, the amount of adverts using women was a lot more than I initially expected there would be. With the power that these woman have in the adverts trying to change and shape the nation could these images be potentially damaging to the female readers and younger female children growing up with these images of women being portrayed as perfection and how every woman should be. Is this media influencing women by controlling the image of what beauty should be in out society which is controlled by media? On the other hand are women being used as a sex symbol to fulfil male fantasy, maybe so its a well known fact that sex sells. Are the so called 'perfect' women aimed to women or men? Is it what all women dream to be mould themselves into these women or is it what men what to transform women into? Not only could these images damage the minds of young girls and make them then think they should be striving for that fake perfection, it could also narrow the minds of younger boys and lead them to believe if the women and girls don't look like the media's idea of perfection then maybe they are not good enough.

The women used in these advertisements are not what I or many people would class as 'normal' these women are always very attractive, fabulous complexion, pearly white teeth and have a very slim physique. Out of all the adverts I have looked at I have not seen any with a slightly overweight person in or with women who was not completely gorgeous. What does this say about our nation and even our world? That we are not interested in reality and we just want to pollute our brains with these airbrushed images of perfection. What are the public trying to achieve by buying the product, do they believe that maybe if they buy...
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