E-business & its practical uses

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History of E-Business and its Practical Issues
What is e-Business? To define the meaning of e-Business, we cannot say without the history of internet. Internet is formed by the new protocol information distribution, known as World Wide Web (www) which is first introduced in 1991. In 1992, e-mail connection over the internet evolved. After trying to implement internet into business for a few years, companies like Amazon and Delphi has evolved and served to customers using internet technology. Therefore, e-Business can be defined as doing business over the internet or using information communication technologies (ICT) to support customers and services.

E-Business does not just form directly come and form to become one part of the business organization. But, it has transformed from the uttermost business desires of making customer services better through internet technology. The journey to establish the idea of making electronic business better can be differentiated into three parts: External Communications, Internal Communications and Evolution of e-Business.

For stage1 of e-Business or the start of e-business is when business organization become involved and interest in Information Communication Technology so called internet. So, what do we need in order to do e-Business? Obviously, we need the business webpage of the organization. As there are only few IT technicians at that time, business people has to think by themself of how to present our customers about our organization. First, we need to provide the company information and history to let the customers know about the company. The reason to provide company’s information is because e-Business cannot communicate the customer directly as “brick and mortar” business. The weakness of this External Communication stage is that business organization can only think about serving customers and they don’t know what the behind operations will be performed in order to run the business.

In stage2, organizations...

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